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About therapy

My approach...

Counselling and psychotherapy with me take place in a safe, private and confidential setting.  I believe that therapy is a collaborative process; I will listen carefully to what you bring and we will work it through together. 

My training was in psychodynamic psychotherapy, and this is the model I work with.  This means that I look for ways in which unconscious patterns may influence your current life.  Through our work together, I aim to help you discover new ways to approach the issues that trouble you; ways which are freed from those past patterns that have contributed to your difficulties in the present. 


For recent onset problems, which are often associated with a recent event such as a bereavement, a relationship issue or a problem at work, people tend to come for once-weekly counselling. Counselling will tend to focus on behaviour, thoughts and feelings around a particular event or difficulty in your life.  Counselling is typically more solution-focussed and shorter term.  We would aim to identify a goal for the work from the outset.


Psychotherapy is open-ended work, which is more appropriate for difficulties which are more complex and long-standing.  You may choose to attend sessions once or twice a week for an extended period, in order to work on your issues more intensively. The focus here is on developing insight into the problems that are affecting you now. We may begin by thinking about what is happening in the present, but we will also look to the past to help make sense of the patterns that often repeat themselves in our lives.

Code of ethics

I adhere to strict professional guidelines with regard to confidentiality and ethics.  I am a registered member of the FPC (Foundation for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and abide by their code of practice.